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Every member of our team is valued for their expertise and dedication to each project – whether that be finding deals, purchasing the best assets, renovating, or managing projects.

Together, we work hard to exceed our projections and estimates, and create a lucrative experience for our investors. 


We look forward to working with us for years to come.

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Our primary objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Specifically, we aim to:

Acquire undervalued or underperforming assets that can be repositioned to unlock additional value.
Develop high-quality assets that generate attractive cash flows and appreciate in value over time.
Identify opportunities to invest in assets that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns with significant potential for capital appreciation.
Pursue investments in assets that benefit from strong demographic and economic trends, and that offer the potential for long-term value creation.
Maintain a disciplined approach to risk management, with a focus on minimizing downside risk while seeking out opportunities for upside potential.
In pursuing these objectives, we leverage our deep industry knowledge, extensive network of relationships, and proven investment processes to identify and execute on attractive investment opportunities. We also maintain a rigorous focus on due diligence, risk management, and operational excellence to maximize the potential for value creation in each investment.

Overall, our mission is to deliver exceptional investment performance to our investors while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical behavior in everything we do. We view ourselves as a trusted partner to our investors, and we are committed to building long-term relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and shared success


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Joseph Mills


Co-Founder of JCX and Principal Broker of Investment Realty Advisors, which transacted $103 million in volume in 2021 and manages $380 million in assets, consisting of commercial and residential investment properties. Joseph H. Mills has closed over 450 value-add deals with his 18 years of experience in the Salt Lake market. He is an expert at negotiation and delivering returns.

Cory Waddoups


Co-Founder of JCX specializing in securitized 1031 exchanges and private placements.  He is instrumental in investment analysis, valuations, asset/equities management, and in effectively representing buyers, sellers, and landlords through multiple sophisticated 8-figure closings. Cory is the President of Property Management at Investment Realty Advisors.

Elliot Abel


Partner at JCX, Elliot Abel has transacted over $20 million in volume at IRA and has negotiated more than 200 commercial leases in the past 7 years.  As well as brokerage experience, Elliot specializes in developing internal systems, contracting land entitlement, and underwriting value-add acquisitions. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the MRED program at The Eccles School of Business.

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